Stamina 7200 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Exercise Bike

Stamina 7200There are some people who swear by recumbent bikes, while others prefer to ride traditional, upright exercise bikes. With the introduction of the Stamina 7200, though, there finally appears to be a bike that will unite both camps. They call this model the “Fusion” because it is a hybrid of the best features of an upright bike along with the best features of a recumbent bike. The end result is a mid-level, home exercise bike that’s sure to be put to good use as part of any home exercise regimen.

Customized Riding Experience

Some at-home exercise bikes leave a bit to be desired when it comes to customizing your riding experience. Many models seem to be built for smaller riders, and offer little in the way of easy adjustments for people with longer legs. This recumbent bike is designed to offer comfortable riding for people of all sizes. The seat is simple to adjust, so you can bring it in closer if you have shorter legs, or extend it out a bit, if you are a taller rider. The end result of this easy to adjust seat is a bike that the whole family can enjoy using.


  • The perfect hybrid of a recumbent and stationary exercise bike
  • The seat is easy to adjust and built with a 45 degree leg angle to make riding easier on your hips and knees
  • A whopping 12 built in fitness programs to choose from
  • Pulse sensors in the handles to measure your heart rate
  • Convenient water bottle holder with a bottle
  • Integrated wheels for easy repositioning of the bike
  • The frame is backed by a 3 year warranty; parts by a 90 day warranty
  • Some assembly is required

Customer Reviews & Scores

With nearly a dozen customer reviews published online, this bike has earned an impressive 4.2 star rating. Complaints have been sporadic, at best, and seem to be based on seemingly isolated incidents. Overall, the majority of real life customers have scored this exercise bike highly and have had nothing but positive things to say about it. Its also received a very good rating at Consumer Reports.

If you’re looking for the kind of exercise bike that offers you the benefits of both recumbent and upright exercise bikes, we’re confident that you’ll consider the Stamina 7200 the best home fitness purchase that you will ever make.

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike / Rower

Stamina Conversion IIThe problem with so many home exercise machines is that they are all pretty much one trick ponies. This is especially true for most exercise bikes. Yes, they can help you to work out, but there’s not a whole lot of variety to keep you engaged and enthused about your workouts. Well, those days will soon be over, as this exercise machine offers people the ability to not only bike for aerobic conditioning, and it also acts as a full-feature rowing machine for challenging upper body strength workouts. To switch from riding the bike to rowing, it’s as simple as moving a single pin. This easy switching allows you to keep up the pace of your workouts and seamlessly move from a hardcore rowing workout to a faster-paced recumbent riding session.

Smooth Resistance

Whether your pedaling or rowing, you’ll notice that resistance is smooth, even and controlled. That’s because this bike/rower uses a sturdy, magnetic flywheel to put up resistance while you pull or pedal. Unlike the often jerky, uneven resistance that you get with lower end exercise equipment, this model offers quiet, smooth resistance for every one of your workout sessions.


A dual exercise machine: rower and recumbent bike in one piece of equipment The monitor is large, easy to read and tracks your speed, distance and calories burned The seat is made of high-end foam that is molded to give you the most comfortable seat in the house while exercising The seat handles are equipped with heart rate sensors, so you’ll always know when you’re working out at an effective heart rate

Customer Reviews

We couldn’t resist checking out the online customer reviews while researching for this review. And we were a bit shocked when we found that this bike/rower only had a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. While that is not what’s considered a low score, it is definitely lower than what we thought this bike deserved.

Upon further investigation, though, we found that the score was low due to a couple of reviewers giving this model very low scores. These folks seemed to have received units that were damaged during shipping. While we can certainly understand why people would be upset about these types of circumstances, those issues seem to be isolated and reflective of a shipping problem – not of the machine itself.

Having touched on the lower than expected customer score that this recumbent bike/rower received, we feel confident in recommending this fantastic exercise machine to any of our readers who want challenging, full-body workouts at home.